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If you’re like most entrepreneurs you’re fighting a good fight, you’re working really hard, and you’re frustrated! REALLY frustrated! And, you should be! Going into business was supposed to give you freedom and build your wealth.  Now you find yourself working 12 hour days, missing your kids’ events, and you’re broke!  It’s all wrong!  That’s not the way it’s supposed to be!

Doing more marketing, or Facebook ads, selling to a different audience or doing different tactics is not going to solve your problem. Not yet anyway.  You need to start with getting your head in the right place and start making your decisions differently before anything else is going to make the impact that you’re looking for.

The way you approach your problems is conditioned.  You’ve been trained to look at problems, your business, and your life in a certain way.  It may work great as an employee, but it’s killing your business.  You need to approach your problems differently.  Even approaching them as an entrepreneur will only get you earning in the hundreds of thousands.  Most entrepreneurs think, subconsciously sometimes, that if they want to double their income that they have to double their workload, and they’re right.  With the way they currently think and the way they currently operate they would have to double their workload.  They’re not even close to being set up to double their business, let alone 10X it!

You’re thinking there’s got to be an easier way!  You’re right!  There is an easier way. It’s with the Business Ownership Mindset. One of the many benefits to this is that as you’re reading this book, you’re going to see the truth right away.  You’re going to change your beliefs about the way you approach your business immediately because you’ll know that this is the way to approach your problems, your business, your life and the world.  It can happen that quickly because that’s how reason works.

In the book, you’ll learn the Business Ownership Mindset.  And, you’ll change your beliefs.  You’ll learn that there are three ways to change your beliefs; through reason, repetition and emotional charge.  Reason works immediately.  As soon as you know something to be true, the change is immediate.  Repetition clearly takes longer, but it’s incredibly useful.  It’s why you’ll read this book over and over again. You’ll pick up on things that you might have missed the first time and more of the concepts will be…well, reasonable.  And, emotional charge, it speeds up the change process.  The more emotionally involved you are in a new idea the faster you adopt the new idea.  So how emotionally involved are you in improving your business? In making more money? In having more time?

When you said, “What made you successful as an employee won’t make you successful as a business owner.” made so much sense! I was confused at first, thinking I should be able to use the same rules, but when I heard what you had to say, I was blown away! You’re so right! Thank you!

Connie Fraser

Public Speaker, Calgary AB

What impressed me so much about this book was the idea of the evolving mindset. We’re being forced to evolve right now. You might not like it, but it’s also an opportunity. Those of you who see it as an opportunity, you’re going to be the ones who are going to succeed. The others see themselves as helpless and will stay that way forever. Sarah Coolidge, Typozappers, Tahoe Vista CA

Sarah Coolidge

Typozappers, Tahoe Vista CA

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