The evolution of a money making mindset

This book is designed to help people who are ready for the next stage in their business evolution.  We all enter the business evolution in some capacity.  We start off as a consumer and that may be all we ever do.  Some people move on and get a job, whether it’s delivering papers or working at a fast food chain.  We’re employees.  We may progress down the employee trail or up the corporate ladder; even all the way up to CEO.  At some point, some people decide to go into sales and some decide to run their own companies.  From there, they evolve into a Business Ownership Mindset; the ultimate form of freedom and self-expression.  But know this; the rules of the game are different at every level.  And to pass through each level you will have to evolve and change your way of thinking, believing and acting. Warning: Failure to evolve through each mindset is a recipe for failure.

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